Faculty of Medicine & Midwifery

Faculty of Medicine and Midwifery:

A place of learning, sharing and solidarity

The Faculty of Medicine and Maieutics, the only private Faculty of Medicine in France, was founded in 1876, together with the Groupement des Hôpitaux de l'Institut Catholique de Lille, as a private university hospital complex. With its strong values of Christian humanism, it places the student at the heart of its preoccupations.
Today the FMM participates in a training centre which brings together the health professions and is committed to integrating all these training courses into the same university dynamic which aims at both professionalization and quality teaching at the service of mankind and research in the field of health and society.
In the first year, it prepares students to enter one of the 3 medical fields: medicine, maieutics, pharmacy, and masso-physiotherapy.
Beyond its teaching mission, the teaching team attaches great importance to the spirit of companionship that animates its relations with the students.

Professeur Patrick Hautecoeur,