-Every Wednesday from 1.30pm to 2.30pm: « student life » permanence at the faculty office E10 (rdc FMM) or by video. Do you need information on health, financial support, a desire for activity or a need to listen to your problems? Individual appointments are possible: :


-Every Thursday from 5.30pm to 6pm: Sophrology course with Laëtitia THERY, coach and sophrologist at the Catholic University of Lille. Access via the zoom link available on the Agora student space « Un temps pour soi ».

9 march from 12:30 to 2:00 pm : for external students on a training course at Saint-Philibert.

« Being external in times of pandemic: how to survive! »

(social links), university education, health restrictions, mental health, etc.).

with Professor Sylvestre Maréchaux and Doctor Marion Hendrickx in the conference room (level N-1). Registration on ICAMPUS – title of the survey  » 20-21 BEING OUTSIDE IN PANDEMIC TIME ».

Other meetings will take place at different venues.

Students Jobs : for a job at GHICL you can contact :

Saint Philibert : and/or

Saint Vincent : and/or

or elsewhere you can contact, a personal letter of recommendation will be drawn up in the name of the faculty.

SchoolMed: revision application for PASS courses is looking for students capable of producing high quality pedagogical content: creation of forms, MCQs, other innovative materials. Passing a test to determine the pedagogical level at the time of recruitment. Find out more…Contact us. Find out more plusContactus.

in the EHPADs of the Feron-Vrau group which are regularly in demand for occasional replacements:


All, all the services of student life : housing, catering, health, solidarity, sport…

The Globe Trotter (University Restaurant located at 47 boulevard Vauban) remains open from 11:30am to 1:00pm for take-away sales only, at the usual rates. A click&collect system is available here.

Meals in the university restaurant now cost 1€ for all students. An INE number is required to benefit from this measure. If it is not on the Services All card, it will be requested from the university restaurant if the student has never communicated it elsewhere.

The CPSU remains open during normal opening hours.

Agoraé : the solidarity grocery shop offers local food baskets. Find out more about it.

La Nightline : free night listening service by students for students in Lille. Open every day from 9pm to 2.30am. Confidential, non-judgemental, anonymous, non-directive, free of charge. 03 74 21 11 11. To find out more.

Student associations : ACEM et ACESF offer support to students.

Handicap : une cellule dédiée à l’accompagnement des situations de handicaps en FMM :